Stories We Hear

We are hearing such great words of encouragement from our volunteers and our patrons. We want to share them.

“The service is a cut above most places. It is a first class pantry which is done with dignity.”
“Greeting my Brothers and Sister in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I thank God for the pantry and the people minister to us by serving us. The pantry has blessed my family and I so much. The food that is given is most of the time better then what at this time I can afford. Also the food is what people eat. Some pantry’s give food you can’t even make a meal out of. Your pantry blesses us with food for dinner and lunch for school. Most of the items are healthy and all natural. I enjoy the fresh fruits, potatoes and meats…God Bless!”  (a note written by a patron)
“You have an efficient process. We appreciate the variety.”
“I like to help people out by sending them here whenever I can. Everything that goes on here is good!”
“We hear a lot of ‘God bless yous’ and ‘thank you’s and how much they appreciate what we give. We also hear a lot of how much better our food is than most other places. Very rarely do we hear grumbling.”  (from a volunteer)
“I appreciate the food pantry because I was without full-time work, undergoing physical restraints, helping a friend and relative out of my own pocket and just trying to make ends meet. I divorced and supported a family without adequate child support and tried to makes ends meet like any American parent. I do appreciate the help of this pantry where people are kind and honorable helping others in need. Thank you.”
“I started volunteering just over a month ago now, and I am amazed at the loving effort of the other volunteers and the desire to make this an outstanding ministry for those who need our pantry. The amount of fresh bakery and produce as well quality meats continues to come in weekly—food that would normally go to waste is now feeding people who need a chance. I am honored to work.”
“One Saturday a couple who we had not seen in a couple of weeks came in to the Food Pantry. As we were talking some new patrons came in who had walked about an hour in the cold to get to us. Some of the volunteers were talking about how one of us could give them a ride home when the couple I’d been talking to offered to drive them. Then they ended up exchanging phone numbers to give them a ride to and from the Food Pantry every week. This is the kind of community we have created together––patrons, volunteers and leaders.”